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A guy like a Trevor Bauer (of the Reds) or a Max Scherzer (Nationals), they don ever shut it down, Wolforth said. Kind of throwing all the time. They not so much of a worry. “I just see both sides of the situation,” he said. “I see the benefits and the cons. I’m not on either side, I’m just right in the middle.

Also has the length and quick feet to be able to play on the edge (tackle). He a little older (than most CFL prospects) and he tough as nails. He has all the tools to be able to come in and compete for a spot right away. Reed provided a luxury by being that second receiver, or even third or fourth option, for an improved passing attack. It is not a coincidence that Minnesota made the playoffs eight of nine years fron 1992 to 2000. Those were the years of Coach Dennis Green.

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