When Castagneto was building his first boat a family friend helped with construction. On his friend boat was the name Hop Tuit which Larry borrowed to honor him. ( New England Power System photo in Castagneto Collection). Wim Wenders’ 2011 Pina provided a terrific template for a documentary about a choreographer: Commit to making it about the dancing. Director Alla Kovgen’s profile of choreographer Merce Cunningham does include material that could be considered conventional in a biographical documentary, including archival footage and interview snippets with both the late Cunningham himself and many of his closest collaborators, including Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Cunningham’s professional and personal partner, composer John Cage. But the majority of the running time is devoted to re creating Cunningham’s still fascinating dances themselves, bringing new vitality to works sometimes criticized for their chilly precision by staging them on a high rise rooftop, or in the middle of a stand of trees, with Kovgen’s camera prowling the perimeter or getting right in the middle of things.

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